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“I was like ‘Dame Dash is the greatest,’” Puff Daddy said. “You know when you have a revelation, an epiphany? And you’re so late. It was like what I needed at that time. So, sometimes you get things in the time that God wants to give it to you. So, I was blessed with this beautiful piece of art that Jay and Dame create in the lives of these people. That was this true Shakespearean tale that came from where I come from. And in my head, immediately clicked like ‘What if Mitch didn’t die or get killed? Where would he be at right now? What if he took his skills, his business skills and street skills and applied it to the world of business?’

“It’s just redefining Mitch and how it was inspired to me,” he added. “And I feel like we all have—It’s a spirit of it. And so, I decided to make an album that really addresses it and tackles it as it’s a fairy tale. Like the present day there’s Mitches out there, but that outcome is not gon’ be the same one that was planned for them.”

Later in the interview, Puff spoke on his talent behind the boards, and revealed that as far as producing, he’s the best to do it.

“With Jay, when he wanted to get that album done, he called the best,” Puff said. “And I think sometimes that gets a little bit twisted, you know? I am the best. As far as producer, I have sold the most records. And when you back on that music game you have to let it be known just to make sure that we’re clear. As a producer. And so, that’s how I jumped into this…I do a lot of things, but when I’m behind that board it’s serious business.”

01. Facts
02. Harlem Feat. Gizzle
03. Help Me Feat. Sevyn Streeter
04. Everyday (Amor) Feat. Jadakiss, Styles P, Pusha T, and Tish
05. Auction Feat. Lil Kim, Styles P, and King Los
06. MMM Feat. Future and King Los
07. All or Nothing Feat. French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa
08. Workin Feat. Big Sean and Travis Scott
09. Happily Ever After
10. You Could Be My Lover Feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Gizzle
11. Uptown Feat. Brucie B
12. Money Aint A Problem Feat. French Montana
13. Blow A Check Feat. Puff Daddy and French Montana

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