N.O.R.E. talks about retirement plans


N.O.R.E. is opening up about his retirement plans. Noreaga tells MTV’s “RapFix” that his upcoming album, Dyslexia, will be his second-to-last album.

Apparently, he’s calling it quits in an effort to “bow out gracefully” at the top of his game. N.O.R.E. explains that he’s done everything he’s set out to do as a rapper. He also hinted at his own disillusionment with hip-hop, saying that nowadays a lot of things that happen in hip-hop aren’t the way he visualized them being.

N.O.R.E. also opened up about recording his upcoming Capone-N-Noreaga EP “War In One Night.” Apparently, the project was created in one studio session. He also revealed plans to collaborate with Pharrell Williams in the near future.

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