Former Bad Boy Records Artists Living In Struggle


Artist 12

We know what you’re thinking–only 12? Let us explain. Through the years Bad Boy Records has left a number of its former artists in the dire circumstances as Sean “Diddy” Combs and the label he founded moved on. But there are some acts that particularly standout because of their hard knock stories. Some of the artists mentioned here aren’t necessarily in a bad way financially (i.e. Shyne doesn’t plenty of globe trotting), but nevertheless find their careers in flux when compared to their Bad Boy glory days. Still others, like the currently incarcerated G. Dep, have most definitely fallen on hard times and serve as examples of the much talked about Bad Boy curse. Here are 12 former Bad Boy Records artists that are living the struggle life, and will probably jump at any record deal you throw their way. In some cases, as long as they got their parole officer’s permission.   Artist 11

Craig Mack is now a righteous member of a church—some would say cult—in South Carolina. The leader of the church is allegedly a former child molester. Not a good look in the slightest.

Artist 10

G-Dep The Deputy is currently serving a 15-years to life bid for a previously unsolved murder he copped to. At least his conscious is clear.Artist 9 Shyne dropped the Gangland mixtape last year that he deemed a classic. Very few agreed. shyne1

Artist 8

You’re guess to what Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan is up to nowadays is as good as ours. The Making Da Band alum is certainly not flourishing, though.
Artist 7
Loon became a Muslim, however Allah couldn’t stop him, allegedly, from flipping birds. He’s currently being held in a Belgian prison on drug trafficking charges.
Artist 6

We honestly fux with Cafe’s music. But that eternally pushed back release date is hella problematic.
Artist 5
Pastor Ma$e recently popped up on a cut with the L.E.P. Bogus Boys. However, dude has been catfishing the rap game with his on again off again comebacks for years.
Artist 4
Dylan’s Da Band brother in arms was arrested earlier this year for charges including extortion and simple battery. C’mon son.
Artist 3
Bacardi Rob is another artist who music was actually fux with. But last we saw, he was sh-tting on Diddy and Jay-Z something awful.
Artist 2
Jeezy is eating. All those other cats in the group, not so much.Artist 1
Day26 announced their break up last year with members planning on going solo. No one cared.

We know, but some people do care for Danity Kane. Bad Boy, not so much. Dawn Richard got some shine as part of Dirty Money, but that didn’t last, too. The struggle continues.
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