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Technology Is Attempting To Manipulate Hip Hop

KRS-One returned with his most recent digital album Now Hear This in November. At 50 years old, KRS is now an elder statesman of Hip Hop, and the Teacha has experienced the culture undergo many changes over the last three decades.
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Nicki Minaj Shows Support For Brother Accused Of Rape

Jelani Maraj, the brother of rap superstar Nicki Minaj, has been battling accusations that he raped a 12-year-old girl.
During the holidays, the 33-year-old snapped a selfie during a bowling outing with relatives-including Jelani.
She posted another pic wherein she is seen posing for the camera and flaunting her sparkler alongside caption, “Philly Nights”.
As previously reported, Jelani stands accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old child for several months.
Maraj was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct on December 1.
He was released on $100,000 bond and is prohibited from coming within 100 yards of the alleged victim.imgres

Four months ago, Nicki even reportedly bankrolled his $30K wedding to fiancée Jacqueline Robinson at the Coral House in Baldwin.
“I would cross the ocean for u”. Promise u. For u I will. I love my brother so much man. Can’t believe I cried during his wedding and his first dance like a punk. May God bless him and his union.
According to TMZ – the 10-time Grammy nominee’s boyfriend of eight months, Meek Mill, is awaiting a February sentencing date for a violation of his 2009 probation, which might send him to jail.


Singing Legend Natalie Cole Dies At 65


Natalie Cole, the daughter of jazz legend Nat King Cole, who carved out her own success with R&B hits like “Our Love” and “This Will Be” before triumphantly intertwining their legacies to make his “Unforgettable” their signature hit through technological wizardry, has died. She was 65.
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Drake Fans Called A Philly Prosecutor 2 have Meek Mill’s Arrest

This summer’s beef with Drake seems to follow Meek Mill everywhere he goes, including to court. During yesterday’s hearing, prosecutor Noel DeSantis explained that Drake fans “blew up” her phone earlier this year and pleaded with her to arrest Meek.

Yesterday (Dec. 10), Meek appeared in a Philly courthouse, along with Nicki Minaj, who testified onimgres his behalf, for potentially violating the terms of his probation by traveling outside of Philly without obtaining the necessary travel vouchers. It was thought that the violation might have occurred last month, when Meek accompanied Nicki to the American Music Awards in L.A. Remember, though, Meek was on his “girl’s tour” all summer. Of course, that’s part of his occupation, but was he illegally traveling the entire time?

In any case, before any of the testimonies, DeSantis alluded to an incident from the end of July, when Meek was stopped at the Canadian border while en route to a Pinkprint show in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. It’s not yet clear if the incident was a violation of Meek’s probation — he eventually went on to perform that night — but DeSantis recalled that an army of Drake fans had called her right after Meek was held up at the border and begged for his arrest.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking sides in a rap beef — and the incident doesn’t necessarily reflect on the majority of Meek-clowning Drake fans — but whoever called up the Philly prosecutor’s office needs to get a grip.

As for DeSantis, she seemed intent on rubbing even more salt in Meek’s wounds yesterday. When she introduced Nicki Minaj to the stand, she described her as a “mogul” who is “probably twice as successful as the defendant.”


Busta Rhymes Gym Altercation Surveillance Video Released


The surveillance video of Busta Rhymesconfronting a gym employee has been released, according to Page Six.

The video is broken into two parts and appears to show the rapper confronting a cashier at the counter in Steel Gym in Chelsea, New York. In the second part, Rhymes throws water at the man, then ruffles papers on the counter before throwing a protein shake at his head.

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here a update from Migos’ Quavo & Takeoff On Offset’s Jail Situation


Offset has been behind bars since April.

Migos rapper Offset is set to be released from jail “real soon,” according to fellow members Quavo and Takeoff.

In April, Offset was arrested along with the other two members of Migos on both drugs and weapons charges. Takeoff and Quavo were later released, but Offset remained in jail due to his felony record.
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Snoop Dogg & Ghostface Killah speaks on Billboard’s “10 Greatest Rappers”

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Billboard released its list of  “10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time” last week.

Snoop Dogg took to Instagram today (November 17) to express his frustration on Tupac not being included on the list.

“This is so disrespectful. !!” the Long Beach, California rapper writes under an image of Billboard’s list. “Whoever did this list need a swift kick in the Ass. No. Tupac. Come on cuz ?. Jus my opinion.”

Ghostface Killah was included on the list and took to the social media site to express his appreciation.

“Love to @billboard for having me on their Top 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time list,” the Wu-Tang rapper writes, also taking the time to promote his Rap app. “Think you one of the GOATs?? Go cop that @ispit16 app now and get your bars up #Billboard #Top10 #GOAT #Spit16 #BeSeenBeHeard.”




Ty Dolla $ign – Album Review

free tc cover

Album Review: Ty Dolla $ign Makes Impressive Debut With ‘Free TC’


Boxer Adrien Broner Says = Young Thug Ain’t Gay



While speaking on past comments he made about battle rapper Daylyt being gay, boxer Adrien Broner was asked about Young Thug’s sexuality. During Broner’s interview with Vlad TV, a past tweet from Thugger, one in which he tweeted about “smoking penises,” was brought up.

Despite Thug’s comments about “smoking penises,” Broner shared his belief thatYoung Thug is not gay. At one point in the interview, the athlete revealed that both he and Young Thug have had relations with the same women.

In conclusion, Broner referred to Young Thug as “a marketing genius” over his controversial comments.

“Young Thug ain’t gay,” Adrien Broner said. “He’s actually one of the thoroughest niggas out here, that I hear, to be honest. He just got a different language or a different understanding with his self…Listen, bottom line is Thug ain’t gay. We done messed with some of the same women before…Listen to me, Young Thug is a marketing genius. And he got you. He definitely got you. And in some ways I look up to him for that because I like to market myself too. And coming from the hood, he ain’t doing nothing but hustling.”

Prior to speaking on Young Thug, Broner recalled battling Murda Mook, and defeating the battle rapper.

“I’m 1-0 in the URL League…I fucked him [Murda Mook] up,” he said. “He know that. Yeah, he wasn’t prepared. He thought I was joking because I told him I wanted to battle him and he was down for it. I called Smack and everything. And I had actually just fought—I had just won my third world title against Paulie Malignaggi. And then that morning we went to the battles. And yeah, he wasn’t ready. He had a few good lines, but he wasn’t fully prepared like he usually be. I kinda caught him off guard, but I’mma take my victory…He actually wanted a rematch, but I can’t give him that.”


French Montana Don’t think all Muslim’s are 2 blame




French Montana also says “As-salamu alakum” or “Peace be upon you.”

There have been 129 confirmed deaths from Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris as the city is trying to piece together what happened.

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