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Samsung seeks arbitration against Sharp and other LCD panel makers over supply halt

Samsung Electronics has filed a request for international arbitration against Sharp and two other LCD panel makers over supply panel halt, The Korea Herald reported Friday.
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Matchmaker suggests Black women consider dating bisexual men


Matchmaker Shae Primus suggests Black women stop excluding options in finding love

Shae Primus is a certified matchmaker based in Atlanta. Her company, Middleclass Matchmaker seeks to connect middle-class professionals going through life sans a partner.

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T.I. promotes anti-inauguration march in Atlanta

#WeThePeopleATL, a new trans-partisan movement that includes individuals of all colors, races and creeds will converge in downtown Atlanta on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, during an anti-inauguration march protesting the swearing-in of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. Students from Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Spelman College, Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, North Atlanta High School, Grady High School, and the University of Georgia are part of the mobilized efforts.

Protesters will convene at Centennial Park at 10:30 a.m. and march throughout downtown.

“#WeThePeopleATL local movement leaders believe the United States is a country in distress. They aim to harness the anger since the election and transform it into driving social, political and economic justice. The movement will speak to the anxiety that young people feel since the election of Trump — a person that many believe is a super predator,” says an organizer.


GS9 Affiliate Santino Boderick sentenced to 117 1/2 to 130 years

Santino Boderick the co-defendant in a Brooklyn gang conspiracy told a Manhattan judge to “suck my d–k” Wednesday just before he was ordered jailed for more than a century.


is iLoveMakonnen gay?

took to social media to tell the world that he’s gay. “And since y’all love breaking news, here’s some old news to break, I’m gay. And now I’ve told u about my life, maybe u can go on with yours” he said on his twitter account


Reck And Jordan Tower Speaks wit Jo Jo Capone on Birdman BEEF With Rick Ross Over Lil Wayne

JoJo Capone Speaks on Birdman BEEF with Rick Ross over Lil Wayne

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Views From The 6

Drake gave an update on his forthcoming project, Views From The 6, during his New Year’s Eve party at E11evn Nightclub in Miami on Friday (January 1).

“Views From The 6 coming very soon,” The “Hotline Bling” rapper announced in an Instagram clip of his appearance.
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Atlantic Records On Blast For “Selling Dreams”

Waka Flocka took to Twitter to put his record label Atlantic Records on blast for continuously pushing back the release of Flockavelli 2.

“I just wanna say FUCK my major label #AtlanticRecords,” the Atlanta rapper writes in a Tweet.

“Fucking selling dreams,” he continues.

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Dreamchasers 4


Drake and Meek Mill’s ghostwriting feud may have escalated over the weekend following Meek Mill’s release of a new snippet from his impending Dreamchasers 4 mixtape but will the duo’s dispute lead to “physical” violence?

On Sunday, Meek Mill took to Snapchat to preview a snippet from his highly anticipated Dreamchasers 4 mixtape while also reportedly threatening to “put a gun in” Drake given their heated ghostwriting feud that began earlier this year.

meek mill

In the video, which was obtained by DJ Akademiks, Meek Mill can be heard rapping, “I can’t wait until we run into ya / Ima put a gun in ya,” before noting that he does “not f*** with these industry n*****.”

While Drake has yet to respond to Meek Mill’s threat, fans instantly took to social media to weigh-in on Meek Mill’s charged lyrics with most fans noting that the rapper shouldn’t be focusing his new mixtape on his feud with Drake.

In addition, the nature of the lyrics has left some fans concerned about a potential physical altercation brewing between Drake and Meek Mill, however, sources close to Meek Mill and girlfriend Nicki Minaj have since dispelled rumors of an impending fight between the duo.

A source close to Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj revealed to TMZ that Meek Mill has “no master plan to take out Drake” despite their headline-making feud this year before noting that Meek’s Dreamchasers 4 lyrics weren’t aimed at “anyone in particular.”

Similarly, the source notes that Meek Mill is dedicated to remaining on his best behavior now that he’s “under a microscope in his probation violation case,” which stems from a 2009 gun and drug conviction.

In regard to Meek Mill’s alleged diss on Drake, a source close to the rapper allegedly reached out to Urban Islandz to deny claims that Meek has plans to physically brawl with Drake over their ghostwriting dispute.

“This is just music but in these situations there are always going to be some fans and some media outlets taking it a little bit too serious,” a source close to Meek and Nicki Minaj told the site.

The source further explains that there’s “no way” Meek Mill would attempt to physically fight with Drake, noting that the duo’s beef “is not that serious” despite the heated exchange of lyrics that have spawned since their feud ignited earlier this summer.

“The right way to settle rap beefs is through music and that is what Meek is doing in this case,” the source continues, “Your turn now Drake.”

“Dreamchasers 4”.

Most consider Meek Mill the loser of 2015’s beef between him and Drake but that’s not stopping him from officially dropping a remix to the Toronto native’s “Back To Back”.

Meek rang in the new year by holding a listening party for his forthcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape and as videos were being taken of what was being played, pieces of the song started to form. Not much about the project is known up to this point.

DJ Akademiks posted videos of the listening session on Twitter and captioned them with a few of the lyrics and commentary about it. “Meek Mill ain’t letting Drake off the hook yet!” he tweeted. “Another snippet of that Back to Back freestyle ? New Year. Same Beef.”


Fetty Wap diss track

Earlier this month, New Jersey rapper Hard Luck released the diss track “Can’t Go” directed at fellow Paterson native Fetty Wap. Luck recently spoke with M.Reck of Forbezdvd about his decision to call out the hit maker.

That’s a Paterson thing. That’s a Jersey thing. That’s something the town’s been wanting. They don’t want no fucking fu-fu ass n*gga representing us,” said Luck about his Fetty Wap/Remy Boyz diss track. “Somebody had to get him the f*ck outta here. So why wouldn’t it be me? The f*cking bad guy.”
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